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Notepad Snake
Simple snake game


Drag and drop numbers to see the riddle answer.

700 BHP
Customize this 700 horse power monster and slaughter the competition on the drag racing circuits.

Shooting Academy
A simple shooting game where player move the gun aim to shoot on the target. The target includes bandits and hostages. Shooting bandits will increase score and hostages will decrease score. After a few moments, the target will vanish and if it is a bandit, the score will decrease, on the other hand, if it is a hostage, the score will increase.

Bird Hunter
This game offer you a advantage to use the mouse very well. play this game is calculate the vertical and horizontal point of the screen of your pc

Kid's coloring: Our Friends
The boats under sail is always interested in small fish.

Hungry Heart is fun arcade platformer.
The player has to collect hearts, jumping on the platforms,br and avoiding the enemies.

Black Out
"Who am I? Where am I? And more importantly, why are these psychopaths trying to murder me?"br br In this interactive horror game, your fate is determined by the choices you make throughout the game. Find a way to escape the clutches of the murderers who are hunting you down. Experiment and find various endings to earn awards, which will reveal a secret message once all are earned.

Cute Barbie Pajamas Dress Up
Cute Barbie Pajamas Dress Up Game, Cute Barbie Pajamas Fashion Girls Games, Play Cute Barbie Pajamas Dresses, All New DressUp Games

sexy girl
1. Find two same girls
and connect them using
less than 3 lines.
2. Points will be credited
for every connection,
and extra points for
continuous connection
in 1 second.
3. Points will be reduced
if you try to connect two
different girls.
4. Click the girl again to
cancel selection.

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