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Secret Picture- Nonogram Puzzle #2
Paint by Numbers puzzle known also as "Japanese puzzle" or Nonogram. To reveal a hidden picture fill-in cells by color or left them blank. Use numbers on the left and on the upper side of the grid. These numbers show how many cells are filled-in in succession, and between sets there is at least one blank cell. So combine this information and define colors of cells.

LOST on hidden island
Alex, a bodyguard, flies to the Caribbean Islands when the plane is stroke by lighting.
It headed towards an unknown island...
br Duration of the game : between 1h 1h30
5 levels and 4 stages per level (20 levels to play)br Includes traditional levels with spotlight.

School Age: Sea Battle
Classic battleships game on 10x10 cells field
You and the other player (computer) bomb one cell of opponent's plot in turn. Opponent responds by telling you've "missed", "hit" or "sunk" his ship. If you've not missed, opponent skips his turn and you may bomb again. The winner is the first to sink all enemy's ships.

Digital Car Sliding Puzzle
Play this sliding puzzles games with 4 pictures of the digital car. Use mouse or arrow keys to move the sliding blocks and restore the pictures.

Quick Draw Rangers
Play as a wild west ranger, fighting three gangs to help the down
br Also have fun with some pretty cool bonuses at the end of normal and hard.

Before the Christmas
Winter arcade game
Help Santa to collect more gifts for the holidays

Bob the thief 2: the kort fnox
Find the fastest way to get all the gold and quit. upgraded level and challenge!

Field Goal Kicker
You are this football teams lead kicker in the final game of the season, Kick as many field goals as you can before the game is over!

Protect the spaceballo, survive with bullets, and avoid the asteroids!

Fall Foliage Jigsaw Puzzle
Fall Foliage jigsaw puzzle. 4 levels of difficulty. Enjoy!

CUBOX is very relaxing and original full 3D Match3 game, in which you must clear as many colors as you can and reach the High Score!

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